Sunday, December 9, 2007

I did it!

I drove in the snow!

We got probably 2 or 3 inches over yesterday and last night; it stopped somewhere around 10 am today. But I had to go to Mass this morning, so I schlepped outside in my sneakers (I don't own boots) and cleared off the car with a broom and a board scraper. Yes, for cooking. I haven't bothered to pick up an actual ice scraper yet - I keep forgetting to put it on the shopping list. Besides, the board scraper works just fine, and I have a feeling Alton Brown would be proud of my multi-tasking tools.

So. Cleared off the car. I didn't have time to shovel a path, but figured it didn't much matter: none of the streets were clear, so why start with my driveway? Gravity got me out of my little car-divot quite nicely, and my tires have a lot more traction than I thought they did. My little Corolla did an admirable job, albeit at 10 mph or less the whole whopping mile to church. I didn't slip or skid or anything!

I was even daring enough to hit up the Taco Bell for nachos for lunch afterward. For whatever reason, I've been craving them since yesterday - it's the cold or the PMS, but either way, who am I to argue with my tummy? I may run up to Walgreen's in a bit, too - we can't find our seventy-billion rolls of Scotch tape (we think they got lost in the move, along with two bolts of silk satin, half a bolt of silver dupioni, several yards of emerald irridescent taffeta, and all the present-wrapping paraphernalia I'd accumulated at our old house.), and I have presents to wrap, so I might bundle up the Bacon and take a little field trip.

More snow is forecasted for tomorrow and Tuesday - we'll see how I manage to get Bacon and the hubby to the mall for Santa pictures.

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