Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dork Love II, Electric Boogaloo

Me: But they're irrational fears. Obviously we aren't going to die in a tornado full of spiders, only to be eaten by Tyrannosaurs and have our bones thrown in lava.
Baconsdad: Tyrannosaurs? I'd be way more afraid of velociraptors. Didn't they hunt in packs?
Me: Well, yeah, but it's the giant walking things I have issue with. Velociraptors didn't have opposable thumbs.
BD: Giant walking things?
Me: Yeah, you know, like those AT-ATs in Star Wars? Those things freak me the fuck out.
BD: But Tyrannosaurs would just eat you whole, not throw your bones. Also, it would be a lot easier to hide from a Tyrannosaur than a velociraptor.
Me: Irrational fears. You're not going to make me not afraid of something through logic if the fear isn't logical to begin with.
BD: Oh yes, I am. I will tell you all the reasons you should be more afraid of 'raptors than Tyrannosaurs, and I think, eventually, you'll see I'm right.


  1. Does it rightfully scare me that these are similar to conversations that I have with DH?

  2. Don't be scared. Accept the dorkiness.


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