Saturday, November 8, 2008

Enemy of the State

This article from Yahoo News is simultaneously hilarious and frightening.

Hilarious because it ends with this assertion from Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: "The one thing that they agree strongly with us on is that it's too easy for dangerous people to get guns in this country," ... "I guess if you're a dangerous person you might want to run out there and buy some more, but otherwise you should be OK."

Frightening because no one interviewed, and certainly not author Dena Potter, mention the real reason American citizens need to be armed. It's not for self-defense. It's not to hunt for sport. It's not to hunt for food.

It's to be an enemy of the state.

The Founders knew that an armed populace who were ready and able to overturn the government was essential for guaranteeing liberty. The reason we have the second amendment is to protect all the rest. As Michael Badnarik (Libertarian candidate for president in 2004) put it: "If the First Amendment doesn't work, the Second Amendment will."

Second amendment supporters are, indeed, "dangerous people". We're dangerous to the government. We're prepared to be considered enemies of the state as soon as the state endangers the liberty of the people. And we'll be armed enough to take on the state in order to protect the people.

I'm fairly certain my husband's Christmas gift to me will be a handgun. As will mine to him be.

We're "dangerous people."

We, and thousands like us, are Enemies of the State.

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