Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Thoughts

Denver's full of pussies. The big news story this week? 18 days over 90 degrees! ZOMGZ! Everyone, quick! Into the air conditioning! No one else in the world lives in such harsh conditions!

I mean, I know Phoenix jaded me to heat, but damn, people. At least it's not over 90 and over 90% humidity (I'm looking at YOU, Connecticut shoreline in August). And at least the temps will go down in another month. Phoenicians have to wait till December, you know.

* * *

Fundamentalists are like children. They don't mean to be stupid, bigoted, simplistic assholes - it's just that they want the world to be tidy. They don't want to have to think about religion - thinking is hard.

I realized this while watching Hell House, a documentary about Trinity Church's Halloween "haunted house". One of their tableaux deals with The Occult (and yes, you hear the capital letters and the amorphousness of their idea every time they say it.). The script tried to convince people that Magic: The Gathering and Harry Potter books were going to turn us all into Satanists. I wish my Frustration roll had added a plus five to my Throatpunch of Common Sense, but alas - they were only on TV, which is a plus 10 against real people throatpunching them.

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